Module 1: Getting Started

What is Sequential Art?

Proposed by comic artist Will Eisner, Sequential Art describe art forms that use images deployed in a specific order for the purpose of graphic storytelling or conveying information. The best-known example of sequential art is comics.

“Still,[…] in all forms of comics the sequential artist relies upon the tacit cooperation of the reader. This cooperation is based upon the convention of reading and the common cognitive disciplines. Indeed, it is this very voluntary cooperation, so unique to comics, that underlies the contract between artist and audience.”

Will Eisner

Focus on Webcomics

With the evolution of technology and internet, making and publishing comics is much more accessible to the individual.

Drawing tablets, displays, and programs make drawing comics and illustrations much more accessible for anyone who wants to learn.

This course will serve as documentation to my capstone project that focuses on the field of Sequential Art and essential techniques for making a webcomic. It will explore basic and modern techniques of comic art and will incorporate tutorials and industry examples I have learned from.

Recommended Tools and Software

I will be using Adobe Photoshop to draw my illustrations and panels. I will also be incorporating 3-D modeling for the purpose of background and environmental scenes. This technique will be further detailed in module 4. For 3-D modeling, I will primarily be switching back and forth from Maya and Blender for learning purposes. Keep in mind that Blender is a free open source program. If you’re looking for a free drawing program I would recommend Medibang for tablets and PC and Procreate for IPads.

Some other programs that were recommended based on a specific use:

Clip Studio Paint (Comics) – Has features built-in specifically for drawing comics.

Google Sketch up (3D Backgrounds) – Has a limited free version of the program to use for simple shapes and buildings. Plus character model placement.


  • Comics and Sequential Art 1985 – Will Eisner

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