Module 9: Final Words

We’ve just about covered the basics of creating a webtoon but there is much more to learn outside of the topics touched on here.

Next Steps

Make sure to continually immerse yourself in the works of other artists and studios and look into their behind the scenes. You’ll surprise yourself with new techniques and might end up finding inspiration.

Don’t stop practicing and building up your visual library. Try to challenge yourself with dynamic angles and poses. Following a blog or channel that regularly posts tutorials is a great way to find new subjects to learn.

Regularly update your comic: if you happen to publish online make sure to have a consistent schedule of releases or have a planned announced hiatus if you’re going to be taking a break.

Final Words

If you happen to publish a webcomic, post the link in the comment section below! Any other subjects you would have liked covered under sequential art please let me know.

Here is a sample of my webcomic that accompanied this project:

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