Module 8: Publishing

There are now more ways than going through a publishing company in order to post your comic. Where you end up publishing can depend on finances and freedom. For graphic novels and comics that are getting printed, traditionally you’ll go through a publishing company. I will leave this resource here on the guidelines for submitting to a publishing company.

But since we are mainly focused on webcomics, this module will be covering the vast number of ways to go about sharing your work and even making a living out of it.


Webtoon, Tapas

There are many platforms on which you can self-publish your content. Depending on the content aggregate, there may be methods to get paid to publish your work through their site. Keep in mind, it may come with some restrictions and censorship.

If you’re publishing through your own site, there are some plugins that can be useful to showcase your comic.

A big component of having a successful following for your webcomic is having a social media presence and getting involved in the community. Whether it’s providing advertisement or updates, you’ll likely get more readers if they know your comic exists. Don’t rely on just algorithms and tags to get eyes on your page. The webcomics community is rather close-knit with many artists and writers collaborating and following each other’s work regularly.

Making a living out of Webcomics

If you’re still looking to make money while publishing your comic without going through another company, another popular choice to going through crowdfunding sites such as Patreon or Kofi.

Setting up an account for people to donate to your work is recommended if you’re publishing through your own site or on social media. Other ways to earn money while making webcomics may not be as straightforward or obvious. Check out the link below for other ideas besides relying on subscribers or third party companies.

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